Magic of Nature - Dragons

Slavní draci historie

Trocha angličtiny

Je to takové primitivní, protože jsem tento text obdržela od paní učitelky, když jsem byla v primě (na ZŠ je to 6. třída), takže jsem se anglicky učila teprve třetím rokem. Ale líbí se mi to, tak to sem dám.

All over the world dragons are strong and powerful. Some live in the mountains, some live in the seas. Some have 2 heads, some have no legs.

European dragons are scary. They have wings and breathe fire. In many stories they guard treasure and kidnap young girls.
In contrast, Chinese dragons are good, friendly and intelligent. They are the origin of all creatures. They have 9 animal parts: a snake´s body, a fish´s scales, a clam´s stomach, a tiger´s feet, an eagle´s claws, a camel´s face, a deer´s antlers, a cow´s ears and golden eyes. Today we can see dragons on temples, doors, furniture and clothes.
The dragon is the luckiest sign of the Chinese horoscope. People born in 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000 and 2012 are dragonns. They are brave, independent, creative and kind.
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